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Junia Arise: Apostolic Women On The Frontlines

HER NAME IS JUNIA. SHE WAS AN APOSTLE. And Paul the Apostle calls her outstanding among the apostles in Romans 16:7. But a centuries-old dark conspiracy changed her name to Junias—a man’s name. She was meant to be hidden forever, buried under the deceptive lies forged by religious misogynists that would seek to eradicate her memory from the pages of Holy Scripture and early church history. But recent “truth seekers” among highly-respected academics and theologians over the past 20 or more years have resurrected her from the ashes of this deception to shine the light on the reputation of this incredible woman of God - Junia the Apostle.

Speak To The Mountains!: Prayers & Prophetic Decrees For The 7 Mountains of Cultural Influence

Every Believer has been called to make a Kingdom impact by effecting change and transformation on at least one of the seven mountains of societal influence. These seven mountains have been identified as religion, family, education, government, business/finance, media/communications, and arts and entertainment. Speaking to mountains is your birthright as sons of God. This book, Speak To The Mountains!, is an anthology with over 30 writers contributing a sub-chapter each, covering a certain aspect of one of the seven mountains of influence along with mountain moving prayers and declarations. You will be will be empowered and inspired to master your mountain for the advancement of the Kingdom of God!


EPIC 2020: A New Breed Is Here

Get all the sessions from our power packed EPIC Summit. In January of 2020, leaders from around the globe gathered in Houston, Texas to release a fresh anointing to the people there and all who were watching.